Change Log:

“An ill informed populous is the friend of tyrants.” No different on a Club’s web site then life in general.  I’ve created a page which will attempt to document the adds, moves, changes  and deletions to this, the domaine website for the Carroll County Camera Club.  For the Members, By the Members and shall not perish from the Earth…  (ok maybe I paraphrased that, much of  which is to be expected when on on my second cup of “Joe” and operating without parental supervision.)   I realize most of the changes listed will be transparent/unintelligent to the members, so this is more for me to see what’s be done, and to what.  Any questions about functionality, catch me at a meeting or email me   I’m here to help you. Site Change Log:

  • 111114 Installed Limit Logon Attempts Plug-in
  • 110114 Created Change Log Page..  Added the Photographic Resource page.  Modified menu structure to reflect this.
  • 103114 Added Calendar,  NextGen Galleries,  added BOD redirects, Club Flickr and RSS feed. 110114  Modified Menu Stricture to reflect member galleries (under test)
  • 103014  Site was initially installed and a preliminary  design templet  invoked


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