Lonaconing Mill ” GoFundMe”

Received this note from a fellow photographer on efforts to save the iconic,   unique, but rapidly deteriorating, Lonaconing Skilk Mill in Lonaconing MD.

“Hey everyone, I hope this finds you all well and that you rolled into 2017 with cameras blazing!  I just wanted to let you all know that a go fund me page has been setup to assist Herb Crawford with restoration efforts at Lonaconing. Please pass this on to others as you deem appropriate.   The link is:   https://www.gofundme.com/lonaconing/

The WordPress Photography Podcast

The WordPress Photography Podcast
The Podcast for photographers looking to learn and do more with their WordPress Photography website.  Conversations tailored to making WordPress more then just a tool, and more of a part of your Photography Business

I found this podcast on iTunes to be of some interest to me and perhaps to others who are using WordPress as the core of a on-line Photography business.  The episodes all give some form of insights into the ever-changing world of modern web based photography business’.
2/16/16 Note: shows can also be found at http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-wordpress-photography-podcast


Social Media in the NEWS

Attn: Facebook users  We now have a freshly minted  Facebook Group for CCCC members and perhaps any other interested parties to share thoughts, images or whatever.  This social outlet joins the existing CCCC twitter account, @c4cameras in our ever growing social catalog. Several processes have been put in place to share posts on the website to the FaceBook group, and the Twitter account.

Carroll County Camera Club
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/560773530771419/
Flickr:   https://www.flickr.com/groups/865560@N21/
Twitter:  @c4cameras




Welcome Aboard –

Your humble web_services guy has finally worked through the technical challenges provided me by an OS upgrade.. I’m happy to announce that at long last, I’m able to start adding members, and their respective images galleries, to this website.  And to all Carroll County Camera Club members who have chosen  to be added, once processed,  I extend a hearty “Welcome Aboard”

Some items of note..   As soon as I create a new member account an email will be sent to the address of record with your new user name, and password (which I strongly advise changing as soon as possible,

Once your account is created, at this time, you only need to login to:

  •   Add images to your “already created” images gallery’s
  •  Post or comment to a post.
  •  Change or modify you user account.

That’s it! The site does not need member access to view anything.   Your Galleries can be accessed from the header bar menu item > Members Galleries.  I’ve taken the liberty of uploading a test image to all newly created member gallery’s, which can be removed at your leisure.

Remember I also strongly advise viewing/reviewing the “Help” topics before your initial attempt to login and up/load images or post/comment to a post.  These Help files can be accessed via Header Menu Item “Help”

And please when uploading images to your gallery, select your gallery from the pull down list, don’t type in your name or other Gallery identifier without prior approval. In a club environment     non structured Galleries can become unwieldy, very quickly.

All that being said please remember, here on the Carroll County Camera Club website..  Failure is very much an option,  This platform is very robust. you have to work really hard to break things,  And If mistakes are made, they “Will” be corrected and the proper course of action will be provided..

Go forth fellow members, Up-load, Post,  and Prosper..

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