A forward message from Cathy G. On Last night Instagram presentation by Tenney Mason.  (Not to forget, if you decide to play in the Instagram sandbox use the tag #carrollcountycameraclub to share images with other club members on the platform.

“Many thanks to Tenney Mason for a very interesting workshop last night about using Instagram. I think that we all learned a lot about the process and some reasons for getting involved with it.

As I mentioned, Scott Kelby just posted a class on Kelby One which goes into a lot of information on how to use Instagram to get the most our of it. Go to his blog,, and drop down to his post for February 1 (“Can you upload images to Instagram from your desktop?”). Then go to the bottom of that post and he has a link to his class. You can get a free 10-day trial for Kelby One and use that time to watch it, as well as any of the other classes.

You might also want to check out the “Photographer’s Guide to Instagram,” a free PDF from It’s not as current or in-depth as the Scott Kelby material, but you might get some tips or inspiration.”