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The map above shows the Carroll Lutheran Village complex. The club meeting room is in the Hallway/Links area shown in red on the drawing. Parking is available at the Krug Chapel/Auditorium lot or at the front of the building at the main entrance. Please do not park in the numbered spaces. These are reserved for CLV residents.
Directions to Carroll Lutheran Village   300 St. Luke Circle,  Westminster, MD 21158 :
From either direction on Rt. 140, head south on Rt. 31;
Drive 2.8 miles.
Turn right, onto Old New Winsor Pike, drive 0.3 miles.
Turn right, onto Luther Drive; this is the entrance to Carroll
Lutheran Village. Proceed up the hill.
Club Members should make the third left into the chapel
parking lot and then walk around to the right, down to the
meeting room.
The Activities Room is 201, across from parking spaces 27 & 28 and the chapel.
Meetings start at 0730pm, on the third Monday of the month.
Thank You and welcome to the Carroll County Camera Club.
Guest speakers will make the second left into Lot “F”  Resident Parking only ( Emergency “C” access area) and drive to the end of the road. Circle
around,  park along the yellow curb,  just after the white portico.


13 thoughts on “Finding Us..”

  1. The HOW TO FIND US page should be allowed to be printed, copy/paste, etc. New/Prospective members should be able to copy/print this page. They need to be able to find us.

    At the last meeting there was a new member that had to go to the main entrance, and walk the “catacombs” to finally find us. It;s people like her that need to have the correct (Right off the web page) directions by their side when they drive.


    1. Thanks for the comment. This feature will be allowed in the near future, but for now I’ve more or less been forced to lock everything down. Selective page right clicking is not in my current tool set.

  2. how does one join the club? i would like to talk to someone about events, trips, etc. i am an amateur photographer.

    thank you

  3. My friend Darrell Taylor, just shared your info with me and I’m excited about coming to a meeting. I’m not able to make it every Monday, but I’ll be there when I’m able. I LOVE the “painting with light” images! Sorry I missed that workshop! Hope to meet you all in November. How much are dues?

    Joni Williams
    Owings Mills

  4. i am interested in joining. I would like to come to the July 31,2016 meeting. I saw that it is at someones home. How can i get directions?

  5. Checking to make sure this club still meets on Monday evenings. Where will the next 2 be held? I see you head outdoors in the spring, so I wanted to check. Rank amateur, looking to learn. Thanks.

    1. Meetings are still the 1st and third Mondays of the Month. The 1st Monday being a Workshop.(such as tonight) The 3rd Monday being a general membership meeting with a guest presenter. The meeting location is still at the Carroll Lutheran Village location (see website for actual address) All are welcome, skill level is never a issue.

    1. Yes, still 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. However in Dec the general membership meeting (3rd Monday ) will be a holiday party type meeting. The workshop meeting (1st Monday, Dec 4th) will retain it’s format.

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